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Desciption of Organization

<p>Green Ef Eco business village Ltd is a new generation of environmentally friendly, community oriented and knowledge driven cluster of twelve business subsidiaries modelled with the vision of becoming the global leader in ecological business conglomerates and impact investment. Our Mission is to transform the World’s Social, Economic and Environmental (Mis) fortunes into Measurable Socio-economic and Environmental fortunes through Innovation, Steady Provision and Industry Leadership ( Among some of my company’s products and services are; 1. Soil Testing and fertilizer recommendation 2. Rhizobium Inoculants for Legumes (Private Public Partnership) 3. Production of biochar for crop, poultry and livestock farming and stench control 4. Compost Production 5. Organic Home gardening- 6. Transformation of Plastic waste into simple garden / farm tools- 7. Vegetable Production 8. Premium Live Vegetables 9. Kenaf Agro-Climate Industrial Complex (KACIC).</p>

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Dr. Sachibu Mohammed

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