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Desciption of Organization

Miniplast Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and a trail blazer in the manufacturing of industrial products with three decades of experience in the plastics sector. With far-sighted innovations tailored to the market, we repeatedly set benchmarks for the packaging industry.
Starting with our package design, Miniplast engineers utilize the latest CAD systems and software to develop drawings and volumetrically correct 3-D computer models. Miniplast also provides complete prototyping support with models, castings, molds, and sample containers from its R&D laboratories. Miniplast was the first plastic manufacturing company in Ghana to design and launch “Heat Transfer Printing and In-Mold Labeling” on various sizes.
Our product lines manufacture a variety of household and industrial items. You can trust our products and find anything from bowls, chairs, tables, and basins, to cosmetic or food containers, jerrycans, and paint buckets, just to name a few. These items are incredibly durable, uniquely colourful, and can be made from raw or recycled materials depending on the consumers preference.
Plastic recycling is a powerful mean for fighting marine and land pollution. If plastics are not recycled and disposed of in a proper way, they will be sent to incinerator plants, or in the worst case, discarded in the natural environment where they end up contributing to land and marine pollution. Our team of experts study the nature of these plastics and create inventive and sustainable solutions to limit environmental impacts.

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Mr. Nadim Ghanem-Pares

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